Monday, March 2, 2009

Face the mirror and say "Skittles" five times and he will come for you...

It seems there's something new and weird happening on Twitter every day now. On Saturday @mpesce bet @stilgherrian $10 he couldn't get 'fisting' into the top trending topics on, and later onto the topics on (2 different algorithms! challenging!). Well, yeah, he could - maybe it had something to do with 3 of @stilgherrian's followers having several thousand followers of their own. Anyway, it was fun to follow the #fisting hashtag and see all the people going "wtf? why are so many ppl talking about fisting?!"
And thus was born the term 'trendfisting', to denote gaming twitter for lulz. It may even last.

On Sunday, Rove mentioned Twitter on his TV show as part of some blather over an article claiming that social networks will rot your brainmeats. So a thousand Australians signed up to Twitter and spoke the immortal words "watching rove".. one after another. It was like 'Invasion of the SassyBodysnatcher_69's'. The fisters were not amused - common folk in our geekish clubhouse, ew.

Today is showing nothing but the page, searching for 'skittles'. This may be a super-ironic and genius ploy to get the internets to maintain their website and marketing campaign for them, but I'm leaning more towards weird and slightly creepy, as in "We can see you.. every time you say 'Skittles' we will know...", like Candyman.

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cnawan said...

..and while I was writing the top topic has become 'skittlefisting'.